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Beginners Golf Tips - Top 10 Tips & Guide

Top 10 beginners golf tips
Ten Great Golf Tips For Beginners

I wanted to do an article that would give golf beginners some great tips when starting out.

There is no doubt that there are many tips and tricks that you can learn when starting out. In this article however I wanted to cover off what I thought were the ten most important golf tips to know when starting out and setting foot on a course.

Golf Tip Number One

Master your golf swing and it will pay you dividends over and over again. Here is a link to do exactly that. Read this and watch the video and then practice and practice. This single element alone will dramatically improve your game.

A poor swing will hold you back for years. If you develop a bad swing when you are starting out then you will find it very difficult to change. Get it right as soon as you start and you will be in a great place.

Golf Tip Number Two

Use the same golf balls you practise with as you do when playing an actual round of golf. I have looked in the bags of many beginner golfers and found up to ten different brands and types of balls. That is a really big mistake. Pick a ball and stick to it. Here is a link to a great article that explains this in more detail. These are the best golf balls for beginners in my opinion.

Golf Tip Number Three

Play regularly and practice regularly. With golf nothing is more important than having a dedicated routine of practice. It is not like riding a bike and with golf you do forget. I would recommend at least once a week and twice a week is better. If you can do more then that is great. It is all about being consistent and trying to do some practise every single week. It isn't always easy but when you do practise, try to practise all of your game.

Golf Tip Number Four

Learn and do a solid golf set up. Make this into a routine and develop it in your mind. All the pros do this and for a very good reason. It creates consistency and focus. Get your body alignment right with your body, knees, feet, forearms, shoulders and even your eyes parallel to the target. this is crucially important for consistent striking and accuracy.

Repeat your routine over and over again and on every shot. Don't go through the motions and think about each element and then bring them all together.

Golf Tip Number Five

If you are going to play a round of golf get there 30 minutes early and go to the practice nets. Get yourself warmed up with a few exercises and then hit a few balls. Take ten minutes and practice your putting as well. Very few beginners do this and simply walk to the first tee. By doing this before you play, I can guarantee you will play a great deal better when out on the course.
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Golf Tip Number Six

If you can afford it take 5 or 6 lessons with a Pro. Concentrate on the absolute basics. Video your lessons as well and then watch them again. I did this when I started out and even now I use them to tweak my game. I have also loaned those videos to friends who have loved them.

Golf Tip Number Seven

Enjoy the game and all that goes with it. The time you spend on a golf course is amazing. Never let the odd bad shot ruin your time spent out there. It is a hobby and one you are supposed to enjoy. I am always astounded by the number of grumpy old men and women that I see out on the course. Those are people who have forgotten the game is all about relaxing and fun, unless you really want to become a professional.

Golf Tip Number Eight

At all costs avoid high handicap golfers who seem to have a strong desire to offer you their advice. If you want to be good at something then listen to people who are actually good at the game. A Pro or a low handicap golfer knows what to look for if they are offering you advice.

Would you ask an electrician to offer you advice on plumbing? Trust me when I tell you this please. Well meaning high handicap golfers offering what they believe to be great advice will set you back years. Smile politely, listen if you have to and then ignore them.

Golf Tip Number Nine

The cardinal sin of almost every single beginner I have ever met is the upwards jerking head movement. They get so anxious to see where their ball went that the quickly jerk upwards. I can not tell you how huge a mistake that is.

Keep your head down always. As you complete your stroke the head will naturally turn and when the follow through has been completed then you will naturally pick your ball up.

This is easier said than done. If only I could tape beginners chins to their chest they would improve their golf instantly.

Golf Tip Number Ten

Buy the best equipment you can afford. I don't mean go out and spend thousands but avoid at all costs really cheap golf equipment. Bad shoes will sweat your feet and let water in. Cheap balls will not travel or spin. Really cheap clubs will simply frustrate you.

I hope you have found these ten tips for golfers useful. I would also recommend reading the Golf Beginners Guide which is packed full of really useful and practical tips.

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