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Are Golf Shoes Essential to Play Golf?

Every golfer in the world will need to get golf shoes. The decision is what type of shoes you need and how much you can afford to pay for a pair? Having a pair of good quality golf shoes is essential in my opinion to play golf.

As you will know, there are shoes for almost every sport imaginable.  There are very few sports that do not have a special shoe that is intended to improve the way you play while wearing them.  Yet many people cannot afford to always purchase the shoes that are necessary.  This leaves many people to wonder if it is really necessary to purchase golf shoes in order to actually play golf.  In trying to balance money considerations with safety considerations there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Features & Benefits Of Using Golf Shoes

Know Your Skill Level
Your first consideration should be your skill level.  A beginner usually cannot justify the expense of buying high quality golf shoes.  They are certainly not cheap, and since they can only be worn while on the golf course they have a very limited usage outside of the golf course.  While basketball and tennis shoes can be worn in different circumstances, the golf shoes must remain on the golf course in order to avoid damaging them, or the flooring in which you walk on. Now that said it all depends on the definition of expensive.

You can pick up a cheap set of golf shoes and I would recommend that you do so for three reasons:
  1. They will make you look and feel like a golfer
  2. You will get better grip
  3. They will keep your feet comfortable and dry
It is alright for people to say you don't need them and you actually don't. The reality is that you really don't want to look like the odd person out. Could you picture turning up to a black tie event wearing a t-shirt? I have seen a few people out on the course wearing training shoes. On dry days you can probably get away with doing that. Also if you only play a few times a year then that will work ok as well.

However if you intend playing golf, or joining a society, then you may as well make the small investment of a cheaper pair of shoes.

For the sake of $30 you can do that. The pair below costs just under $30 at Amazon right now and if you are going to play golf then I think that is a small investment. Click Here to Read The Reviews.

Are Golf Shoes Essential To Play Golf

Which Golf Shoes Should I Pick?

Higher Skilled
If you are a highly skilled player or even tend to play quite often, then you need to invest in a good pair of golf shoes.  Typically investing in golf shoes will require you to find a pair of shoes that you are actually very comfortable wearing.  You need to remember that many golf courses require you to do a lot of walking so you need something that fits comfortably.  Something with plenty of cushioning as well as a good fit is essential. You also will not want your feet to sweat.

It is very important to keep your feet dry. Many of the cheaper shoes actually look ok, however I have found that they also let in water. Not only is that uncomfortable but it is actually pretty bad for your feet. If you plan on going to a sport's shop, then ask the attendant and make sure they are waterproof.

Rules of Golf Courses
You should also contact the golf courses where you plan on playing.  There are some who require golf shoes in order for you to play.  While this may seem like a bit of a killjoy if you were not planning to buy golf shoes initially, the golf course requiring the shoes is a safety consideration to ensure that you do not slip or slide while you are swinging your club.  A good pair of golf shoes has spikes that dig into the ground a bit while you are standing which will provide a bit of additional traction and ensure that you are not slipping the first moment you swing.

Many clubs these days have banned metal spikes and will only allow rubber or plastic studs in your shoes. Be sure to check this out and if you are like me I carry a couple of spare sets of each in my car.

Taking your time to shop around for golf shoes is a very wise idea.  There are dozens if not hundreds of different colors so sometimes selecting the best color that you like can be a bit of a hard decision.  In addition, not all shoes are created equally.  The shoe that is best for your foot may not be best for someone else.  In addition, there are numerous different material styles that you can choose from, specifically those that are hard materials or even soft materials.

Choosing the right shoes to play in will ensure that you are comfortable, as well as have the traction that you need while playing.  If you are playing a lot of golf, you will quickly see how a good pair of golf shoes can do wonders to help improve your comfort level as well as your game itself.

Never discount the ability of a pair of shoes to dramatically increase your overall performance during a game. Taking the time to really try on several pairs of shoes will ensure your final selection is durable as well as comfortable in a style that you like and enjoy wearing.

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