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Beginners Guide To Buying Golf Clubs

beginners guide to buying golf clubs
Welcome to My Beginners Guide To Buying Golf Clubs

You are thinking about taking up golf. Great, so please read my beginners guide to buying golf clubs before you spend a cent. You will be very glad that you did. The temptation when starting out is to splash out on the best set of clubs that you can afford. Please don't do that as it would be a huge mistake.

Your Big Golf Club Decision

You may have borrowed some clubs and played a few rounds of golf. You may not yet be sure if this golf game is really for you. You may think that golf is for you but as yet, you are not just 100% certain.

That all said you may love it and can not wait to get your own set of clubs and get out there. No matter where you are in these early stages of buying your clubs, let me first welcome you to the great game of golf. You will love it.

One thing is certain and that is you can not play golf without a set of clubs, be they old, borrowed or brand new. The big decision is which clubs do you actually need when starting out. Here is my number one tip as regards that. BUY GOLF CLUBS WITH A LARGE SWEET SPOT.

The sweet spot is the area in the base of the club and it is so much more important than many people think.
Beginners Guide To Buying Golf Clubs

The bigger this is then the more forgiving this will be. In the perfect golf shot, the ball is hit by the club right in the middle of this sweet spot. If that happens then the ball will go as far as possible depending on the strength and speed of your shot and swing.

Many clubs have a small sweet spot and if they do then that means, should your shot be slightly off you can either:
  • Hit it fat
  • Slice
  • Hook
  • Top the ball
None of these will give you a great result. So for beginners to golf, the bigger this sweet spot is the better especially when starting out. You may hear the term "forgiving" and this refers to how much the club will help you even if you don't hit it right on the sweet spot. Do not be afraid to ask for clubs that actually have this feature. Many manufacturers specifically design clubs for this reason.

Should You Buy Old or New Golf Clubs?

second hand golf clubs
Honestly that is a matter of personal preference. You can certainly get a better set of clubs in terms of quality if you buy a used or a second hand set.
The problems with that are that many of the clubs may be worn, some may need new grips put on them and you will need to take expert advice to find the right ones. I have known a few golfing beginners who did this and really regretted making that decision.

Personally I like whatever I buy to be new. I am just like that I guess and at least I know if they are new that they have not been damaged by anyone else. If I look after them, then I know they will last. They are also easy to sell if you have looked after them.

If you are going to buy a used set, then my advice is to go to the local "Pro" shop. Take their advice as to whether the clubs are best suited for you. Any good shop like this will offer advice and they will also let you try them out. There is no rush to buy these so take your time before making your final decision.

Should You Buy A Half Set or a Full Set of Golf Clubs?

This is another question that I am asked all the time. In reality if your budget is limited, then buy a half-set as that will be cheaper. Other than that just buy a full set. The argument for buying a half set of golf clubs for beginners is a poor one in my opinion. Some people will tell you that you only ever use about half of your clubs. That is in my opinion just a silly statement.

I play golf every day and I use every club at least once. When I was starting out I tried to avoid the longer irons like the 3-iron and 4-iron because they are tough to use. Eventually though you just have to and the sooner you practise with them, then the more confident you will become.

For starting out you could opt for something like a set of hybrids and then shorter irons. This combination works well especially if you are only going to be playing a few times a month.

Hybrid Golf Clubs for Beginners
Hybrid Golf Clubs for Beginners
In the set above you get a friendly best driver and a 24 degree hybrid wood along with a 6, 7, 8, 9 irons and a pitching wedge. The hybrid can basically do the work of the 3-5 irons and the irons have a huge sweet spot. I wouldn't buy these if you are 100% convinced that golf is going to be your game. However if you are going to be a "society" player or someone who just enjoys the odd game of golf, then these are perfect.

Best Golf Clubs For Serious Beginners

If you are 100% convinced that golf is going to be your game then you want to invest in a set of clubs that will help quickly develop your game and get your handicap down as quickly as possible. To do this you will need a full set of quality clubs. Now again starting out I would strongly advise against paying a lot of money for the high end clubs. Before ever doing that you need to be playing for a couple of years and be certain that golf is the game you thought it was and love a lot.

For men I would recommend the Callaway Strata Men's Complete Golf Set with Bag

Here you get a good driver with a large sweet spot that allows you to rip the ball off the tee. The 3-wood is very good and this club I found to be particularly good for beginners. Hitting a 3-wood of the deck is not easy and this club will help a lot. This set also has 2 hybrids (4H & 5H) which can be used instead of long irons. The 6 irons through to the pitching wedge are stainless steel with generous sweet spots. The putter is the mallet style which is ideal when starting out.

Beginners Golf Clubs for Women

I asked the ladies about these as I had no idea. The huge majority picked the LINKSMAN X7.
There are a whopping 17 pieces in this set with really nice lightweight graphic shafts. Both the irons and woods are classed as being "over sized" which is ideal for beginners. The clubs are also well angled to ensure the ball gets into the air which is also essential. Most of the ladies in my club use these and they all gave them raving reviews. You can read what Amazon buyers think by clicking here.

Beginners Golf Clubs for Juniors

Again this depends on how serious you think your kids are going to be about playing golf. They come in different sizes depending on the kid's age. Usually they are classed as:

  • Ages 4-8 (or 3-7)
  • Ages 8-12
After that they are classed in sizes of clubs. It just depends what age they are and how serious they are going to be. My best advice here is to talk with the club pro and take advice from them.


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