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Best Driver For A Golf Beginner

When starting out in golf you have many decisions to make. Picking the right driver is certainly one of those. Almost every single time you stand on a tee box you will be hitting a driver. If you exclude the Par 3 holes, then chances are you will be standing there with a driver in your hand. That will be at least 15 very important shots you have to make with the big driver in your hand.

If you get your drive right, then you will have the perfect start to any hole. Get it wrong and the chances are you will be over par for the hole.

What To Look For In A Driver As A Beginner to Golf

For any golfer, it is really important to hit the driver straight and long. Notice how I put straight first and length afterwards. There is no point at all in hitting a driver 300 yards into the trees. You would actually be better hitting it 200 yards straight.

Driving is all about getting yardage for sure or so many amateur golfers would have you believe. That is not actually true. The real purpose of a driver is to allow you a good second shot into the green with an iron. Hitting a nice clean straight drive is a much more tactical shot than it is given credit for.

As a beginner you want the ball to get in the air quickly. That is done not by you, but by the loft on the driver club. In the same way that your irons and woods have a loft, so does your driver. For beginners I would strongly recommend what is termed a high loft.

Understanding The Difference In Lofts for Drivers

The loft is simply the angle of the face of your driver. It is measured in degrees and the typical ranges are 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5. So what is the big difference then, you may well ask?

The bigger the loft usually equates to a longer distance all other things being equal. Here is a link to a detailed article about it if you want to understand more. As a beginner that is good news for you as even if a smaller loft had got you more distance, I would still have recommended a high loft.

This is what will get your ball airborne and you can watch it sail out there with pride. As you improve you will almost certainly change your driver a few times, but my advice is start with a high loft and really build up your striking confidence. It is also a great way of overcoming those dreaded first tee nerves.

Head Size of A Driver

This is the second most important factor in my opinion. In simple terms the bigger the head, the better chance you have of hitting the ball. I think that is just common sense but it is slightly more scientific than that. If you hit the perfect driving stroke, then chances are you have connected in what is called the "sweet spot." That term means right bang in the centre. (There is often a small circle that denotes the sweet spot)

With a bigger head this sweet spot is also bigger and also more forgiving so you have a much better chance of hitting the ball and keeping it straight. This also helps avoid what is called hooking or slicing, where the ball can hook left or slice right. If you have a large sweet spot, then the driver will be a lot more forgiving if you are slightly off center.

Steel Shaft or Graphite Shaft

Much debate surrounds this topic for sure. The bottom line really is that a graphite shaft is more flexible, more whippy in nature and generates more speed. The steel shaft as you can imagine is much more fixed and unyielding and in my opinion harder to use. That is why I chose graphite when I started and still use one now.

The video below shows you how to make the perfect driver golf swing.

So What IS The Best Beginner's Driver Choice?

We have discussed a high loft, head size and type of shaft. The one thing we have yet to discuss is cost. For most people there are two expensive clubs in your bag. Those are the driver and the putter. Golfers will spend more on these than on any other clubs in the bag. There is a reason for that as the drive you make almost always dictates how how well you will play the hole. The putter dictates how well you will close the hole out.

Well I have some good news for you. I have managed to find a driver for well under $50 that has all the attributes I described above. Have a look at the picture below:
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Now here are two buyer reviews that prove my point about this one:
I went and played golf with the usual buddies I play with. I showed them my new driver right off the bat. They asked me what I paid for it, but I wouldn't tell them. I said I would after the round was over. The first Tee-Shot was awesome. Long and right down the middle. They thought I was just lucky with a new club. I out drove all of them. Then it happened again and again. By the 6th hole of the front 9, they were convinced it wasn't luck!
 Man, this is the best 40 bucks I have ever spent, hit two buckets at the range after getting the club and I was smashing the ball. I think I will buy another just to have or give away.
Now these are not reviews from me but from two well satisfied customers at Amazon. They were so good I bought one myself and this is the one I use right now. My days of buying expensive brand named drivers are gone forever.

That brings to an end my advice on the best driver for a golf beginner. I hope that you have found it useful and informative.

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