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Best Golf Irons For Beginners

How To Pick the Best Set of Golf Irons When Starting Out?

best golf irons for beginners
Don'y Buy Expensive Irons At the Start
The best golf irons for beginners are those that give a person starting out in golf, the biggest opportunity to actually hit the ball. The one big thing that you don't want to happen when out on the golf course is to play, what is commonly called an "Air shot."

That is when you take a full swing and completely miss the ball, and you end up looking a bit silly and embarrassed. Trust me I have been there and worn that t-shirt many times and it is just not a very good feeling.

Pick Irons With A Large Sweet Spot

Low handicap players and the Pros use blades on their irons that even experienced golfers like me would never consider. They certainly look good and they are very expensive, but they are also really hard to use. My very strong advice when starting out is to buy irons with a large, generous and forgiving sweet spot. That is one decision you will thank me for, should you take my advice.

The reality also is that you can hardly tell the difference between these types of irons and a normal set that is used by most people out on the course. As your game then starts to improve and you overcome that initial fear of striking the ball, then that is the time to upgrade. Don't even think about that until you have 100% confidence that you can catch the golf ball cleanly each and every time you swing your club.

Half Set of Irons vs A Full Set

My advice here is to always buy a full set of irons. Many say that when starting out a half set is enough clubs and to practise with these first. I would strongly disagree with that theory. Most sets of clubs have the 2-9 irons as standard. A half set would only have a 3, 5, 7 and 9 iron.

What I found when starting out was that I was pretty good at judging distance. There were times I just knew that an 8-iron was the perfect club and if I didn't have that in my bag one of two things would have happened. I would have tried to hit a 9-iron really hard which would have ruined my swing, or have tried to hit a 7-iron a little easier.

The problem with that though is that instead of concentrating on your swing and picking the right club, you start to try and tweak your shots to the clubs that you have. Now if you are a seasoned player this is possible, but when starting out, you should just be concentrating on your swing. My advice therefore is to focus on your swing and let the club sort out the distance. To do that you need all the irons at your disposal.

The only small change I would make is to forget about using the hard long irons such as the 3 and 4 iron and use hybrid clubs instead. One of the best beginner sets is one from Callaway called the Callaway Strata Golf Set.

Callaway Golf Irons
Callaway Strata Golf Irons
There is honestly no need to go crazy buying expensive clubs when starting out. Professionals use top of the range and actually have their irons made to perfectly suit their body type and swing style. Most of us will never be able to afford that luxury, and in reality, we don't need expensive irons when beginning our golf journey.

Over time you will work out which clubs suit you best. You will change your clubs quite a few times, but when beginning, I would go for an inexpensive set, and then change them when you have been playing a while.

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