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Top 5 Golf Driving Tips for Beginners

golf driving tips
Driving for show, putting for dough! Have you ever heard this statement? All beginners in golf would do very well to heed this message. I would go as far as to say all golfers should take strong heed of this wonderful factual statement. In this article I will give you some great golf driving tips for beginners.

Click on this link if you would like to read what my recommended driver is for beginners.

Golf Driving Tip Number 1

Never try to knock the ball into orbit! I watch this at driving ranges all day long and it drives me to utter despair. You see people taking an enormous swing, tensing up their entire bodies and trying to lash at the back of the ball. Yes they might just catch about 1 in every 100 shots, but the other 99 will either hook, slice or be what I call daisy cutters, in that they barely get off the ground.

There must be something about giving a person a club with a large head on it that makes them behave like this. I have seen some great golfers with a beautiful swing suddenly turn into want to be John Daly and whack the ball as far as they can.

Being consistent in your swing is guaranteed to reduce your handicap and will with practise turn you into a very good golfer. The same swing that you use with a pitching wedge should be the same as you use with a driver. There is no need to change this. Your swing when right will hit the ball straight and that is termed "gold" in golf. So, tip number one please never try to murder the ball as that is a recipe for disaster.

Golf Driving Tip Number 2

So if the swing is the same, what makes the difference? You have that in your hand already and it is called your driver. The head of the driver is huge and already has the right loft built into it. Stick with it and stop changing drivers. Please forget about driving irons as well. I have seen a lot of men give up on a driver and try to use one of these purpose built driving irons. Don't do that. Get a good driver and stick with it as practise will make it better.
Changing to these types of driving irons is honestly not a clever thing to do.

Golf Driving Tip Number 3

Your stance is all important. You now have picked your driver and you now know it will be your normal swing. The only difference is where you put your feet with reference to the ball position on the tee. Here is a video that explains that very well, and a lot easier than trying to write this down.
If you follow these guidelines about ball position, I assure you that there will be a huge improvement in your driving. Foot position when driving is simple if you follow the instructions above. It keeps it highly consistent and that is what makes an enormous difference when driving off the tee.

Golf Driving Tip Number 4

This was already mentioned in the video above. Never look at the ball. It sounds a little bit crazy and it is also really difficult to do. More than anything else though, when you master this, it stops any side to side motion. When you can stop that, then you stop slicing, hooking or topping the ball.

The next time you are on the driving range, try it and I honestly think that you will be amazed at the difference.

Golf Driving Tip Number 5

Last but not least is practise and concentration. If you can master your swing, then driving will come naturally. In reality here is what happens. You go out to play a round of golf with a few other people. As you wait on the tee, another player cracks a huge drive away. What goes through your mind?

For many people the thought is that they have to do that, or they will not look as good, or be in such an advantageous position. If that person has hit the ball 300 yards, then you have to as well? It is a big mistake and you should always play your own game. Forget what anyone else does and play your own shot.
If you drive 250 yards straight, there is only 50 yards of a difference and you might need a slightly longer iron. That is all you will need.

If you try to lash a huge drive, then think hook, slice, out of bounds, water, bunkers and then stop. Play your own shot, with your normal swing. if you drive consistently on every Par 4 and 5, you will be hard to defeat on a golf course.

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