Thursday, 5 June 2014

Playing Golf Should Be Fun

Like anyone beginning golf, there is always a certain amount of excitement. I know back when I started playing it was very hard for me to not play golf. I wanted to be out on the course as much as I could be and I never seemed to have enough time. To be honest I didn't have much of a clue as to what I was doing but that did not stop me from trying.

I have watched as every single year as more people decide to start playing the game of golf. They repeat all the mistakes that I made myself and to be honest, listen to all the wrong people. The classic beginner's approach is to get to the driving range and try to slog the ball as far as they can. Usually that ends up developing a really bad habit and one that will be hard to break.
Playing Golf Should be Fun

It is after that type of approach that you start to see the frustration setting in and suddenly golf goes from being a thing of joy, to one of utter frustration. In many ways it is a very sad thing to watch, and even sadder that it happens to so many people. 

How To Keep Enjoying Golf When Starting Out

When starting out remember this one thing, and that is that golf should always be enjoyed. There is nothing quite like being out on a golf course and far away from the madding crowds. Stop beating yourself up, relax and just enjoy the game for what it is worth. There are so many small things that you can do to keep that enjoyment going and also improve your game.

Most golf instruction has been written for people who have a basic understanding of golf, but there is little or nothing written to help real genuine beginners. Anything that you may find, tends to have the entire focus on perfecting the swing. You will find very little about how to do things in a step by step manner and yet remain having fun as you learn and improve. Don't get me wrong a swing is really important and yes you should practise, but there are other things you can do as well.

Breaking Down the Practise

Golf is a lot easier to enjoy if you can focus on making really small improvements. Believe me when I tell you, that it is a great deal easier to improve your putting to lower your handicap, than to try to improve your driving and reduce your handicap. It is these simple things like putting and chipping that can really help improve your scores. If you have a very good short game, then you will find yourself in a very solid position going forward.

Take your putter and go to a green and just practise 1-3 feet putts until you can nail them with confidence. Then go to a bunker and just practise getting the ball out of there. When you can do both of these really well, then you start to lose any fear, and you will be a more rounded golfer.

When starting out, do these simple things and learn to do them really well, and after that you can practise your driving. Putting a ball into a hole is way more fun than hitting a 250 yard drive, in terms of benefit and fun.

I would also recommend when starting out to spend a few dollars on a good Pro. That will teach you all of the basics right at the start, and avoids years of really bad habits.

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